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Velas Beach Turtle Festival

In Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, is the village of Velas. It is recognized as Nana Phadnis’s birthplace. Velas, well-known for its amazing beaches, is nearby Harihareshwar and Shrivardhan. Chiplun is the closest train station. The local society’s Velas Turtle Festival is the reason why the area is most well-known. Many turtles lay their eggs along Maharashtra coastline between the months of Feb to April. There is a designated time to visit as well. March through April are the most popular times for those who attend and take in this festival, which draws large numbers of visitors from both locals and beyond. For the past five decades, Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, an NGO, has voluntarily carried out this wildlife protection campaign.

A Celebration of Precious Festival - Velas Turtle Festival

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The occasion honors the continuing efforts of neighborhood organizations and activists for the environment to rescue the critically endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles and their egg-laying sites, and it goes further just being a get-together of locals and visitors. As these lovely creatures emerge from the depths of the ocean to lay their eggs among the soft sandy beach of Velas, visitors are treated to a rare show of nature’s magnificence. Under the expert direction of the enthusiastic volunteers of Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, a renowned NGO devoted to wildlife preservation, participants gain a deeper understanding of the importance of underwater preservation and the vulnerable equilibrium of environments.

Best Time to Visit Velas and the Turtle Festival

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Time is of vital importance for those who are dying to see this event held between Feb to April months to visit Velas and take in the Turtle Festival because this is when the nesting activity is at its busiest. Every year, Olive Ridley turtles gracefully come ashore to lay their eggs, a sight that interests everyone who is lucky enough to see it. This leads to the beaches of Velas to come alive. If you are from pune or mumbai or searching fr Velas turtle festival from mumbai then it will be the best time to visit these events and have a great experience.

Why Do People Celebrate Velas Turtle Festival ?

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The local people of Velas celebrate this festival not only for its tourist events but also conversation events celebrating the natural breeding process of endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles. Also they promote this festival to attract eco-tourists and raise funds. But the main agenda is the hidden festival which lots of people enjoy and make sure to increase the popularity of this festival and to reach out to most of the peoples in India and international peoples.

Find the Perfect Stay In Shrivardhan at Gaurav Lords Resort

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While wondering about the Stay and also you don’t want to miss the Turtle festival. Here the Gaurav lords resort comes in places just 1 hr away from the Velas beaches and its a perfect choice for Velas turtle festival stay. At our resort you will get the luxury amenities and comfortable stay at a budget friendly price. From room to restaurant from pool to playing area we have all the amenities mentioned at our resort. As well you can also enjoy the nearby attractions like Shrivardhan beach, Aravi beach, Harihareshwar beach and more tourists because this resort is located in prime location where you can easily access to all places. This resort is also known as one of the best resorts in Shrivardhan so don’t worry about the stay. We provide all the amenities at the budget price. Come and enjoy the Velas Turtle festival and experience the luxury stay at budget price in Gaurav Lords resort Shrivardhan.

3 Important Tips You Should Know

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1) Plan Ahead :-

Due to the popularity of the Velas Turtle Festival most tourists come to this place. Most of the accommodation gets full. So we suggest you while planning to this festival make the pre-booking. Gaurav Lords resort also accepts the pre-booking. While making plans to Konkan must be at the time of march and april. Must visit and watch the Turtle festival and for the comfortable stay look no further than Gaurav lords resort.

2) Respect Nature:-

While experiencing the Turtle Festival, it’s crucial to respect the natural habitat of the sea turtles and follow the guidelines provided by conservationists and volunteers. Avoid disturbing the animals, photoshoot. Make sure for the cleanliness of the Velas beaches don’t throw away the garbage. Because they are too clean and also its effect on the turtle and other animals. Make sure to control the population. Due to an increase in population lays eggs rate are down every year.

3) Immerse Yourself:-

Visiting the Kokan region, you can immerse yourself with nature and beaches. Take the participation in the various activities while will held in the Kokan region like education, cultural program, planting more tree will help to get you connect with nature and with people. While visiting Shrivardhan, Velas or Konkan region will get the opportunity to connect with nature and experience the festival and stay near Shrivardhan beach.


While visiting the Velas Turtle festival if you are a tourist coming from pune, mumbai or any other location. Make sure to make the future booking of hotels and resorts. Must visit Gaurav lords resort while you get all the amenities and luxury stay at an affordable price. At the stay at this resort you can easily access the Velas Turtle festival where you can enjoy the festival. Must note if you want to visit for this festival you must visit between feb to april month. So pack your bags and experience the Velas turtle festival Maharashtra and stay at one of the best resorts near Shrivardhan beach at Gaurav Lords Resort.

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