Aravi The most Tredning Beach On Social media finds the perfect resort near aravi beach


Aravi Beach

Aravi Beach Maharashtra is located near Shrivardhan Beach and Diveagar Beach. It is the most famous beach in Kokan for its sea and mountain views. The crystal-clear water and various activities at Aravi Beach attract many tourists. The trending part of this beach is its unique route, with the roads in the Konkan region surrounded by lush green mountains and trees. The road leading to Aravi Beach offers beautiful views, making it a popular scene on social media. Many content creators are now exploring the Konkan area instead of Goa to discover the best beaches. According to reports and social platforms, Aravi Beach has become the most loved beach in the Konkan area and also by the tourist peoples just because of its scenic, clean roads. Additionally, Aravi Beach is known for its various activities just as water sports activities, including ATV rides, jet skiing, banana rides, boat rides, sofa rides, disco boat rides, dolphin safaris, and rock island trips.


Best Time to Visit Aravi Beach

If you are planning to visit Aravi Beach, the best times to go are during the summer and winter months. I recommend visiting between October and April. During this period, the straight, open roads with crystal-clear water and lush green mountains offer the best views. This is when most tourists visit, including international visitors. Content creators also flock to Aravi Beach during these months to capture the best content. Additionally, most of the activities, such as water sports, are available during the summer and winter seasons, making it the ideal time to experience all that Aravi Beach has to offer. So, if you are planning a visit, make sure to go during the summer or winter. In addition to Aravi Beach, you can also enjoy Diveagar and Shrivardhan beaches. Don’t miss the Harihareshwar Temple and beach, which are perfect tourist destinations. While looking for a perfect resort near Aravi Beach, be sure and must visit Gaurav Lords Resort Shrivardhan. We offer luxury rooms and amenities at budget-friendly prices.

Activities To Do At Aravi Beach

Jet Ski in Aravi Beach

Aravi Beach offers several activities that attract many tourists. Tourist visit Aravi Beach not only for its amazing views but also for its top activities available. The activities Aravi beach offers like ATV rides, jet skiing, banana rides, boat rides, sofa rides, and disco boat rides. There is also a Dolphin Safari and a Rock Island trip available. These activities make Aravi Beach popular among tourists.

If you are staying at Gaurav Lords Resort and are interested in the activities at Aravi Beach, contact Mr. Armaan Rawoot at +91 95522 52222. He will ensure you get the best activities at budget-friendly prices. Enjoy your time at Aravi Beach and plan your stay in Shrivardhan at Gaurav Lords Resort.

Places to Visit Near Aravi Beach

While visiting Aravi Beach or staying at Gaurav Lords Resort Shrivardhan, don’t miss other attractions in the Konkan region. Shrivardhan Beach and Diveagar Beach are also the most famous beaches in Kokan. It is just a 15-minute drive from Gaurav Lords Resort and visiting Harihareshwar Temple and Beach, located 14 km from the resort, are worth a visit. The Konkan area offers several top tourist spots, including Ganesh Gully, Bankot Fort, Kondivali Beach, and Somjai Devi Mandir. This location is the best place to explore in Kokan. According to todays trends Konkan is now becoming the most popular tourist destination. Even the Maharashtra Tourism Board is now highlighting the Konkan area. Travelers and content creators recognize Konkan as a hidden gem with beautiful beaches, green mountains, clean roads, stunning open views, and much more. This has made Konkan and Aravi Beach trending topics, attracting new tourists who want to explore this beautiful region.

Finds The Perfect Resort Near Aravi Beach

Gaurav Lords Resort Shrivardhan

If you are looking for the perfect resort near Aravi Beach, you must visit Gaurav Lords Resort Shrivardhan. It’s just a 5 min drive from Aravi Beach and is located in a prime location with an easy access to all the major tourist attractions like Shrivardhan Beach, Diveagar Beach, Aravi Beach, Kondivali Beach, Harihareshwar Temple and Beach, Ganesh Gully, and many more, all within 30 km. This resort offers luxury amenities such as a tennis court, badminton court, open gym, cricket pitch, restaurant, and swimming pool. It has three categories of rooms: club, premium, and deluxe, each with an open view of the mountains. With all these amenities, Gaurav Lords Resort is the top resort in Shrivardhan, offering affordable luxury. I would recommend that if you are searching for a restaurant near Aravi beach, you must visit this Blue Coriander restaurant, its Multi cuisine restaurant which offers both the variety of Veg and Non-veg food. This restaurant in Shrivardhan is famous for its quality and taste.So don’t forget the blue coriander restaurant while visiting Shrivardhan located at Gaurav lords resort.

How to Reach Aravi Beach

The best route to Aravi Beach from Mumbai is to travel through Navi Mumbai, then Mangaon, Diveagar, and finally Aravi. If you’re coming from Pune, head to Chandni Chowk, then Mulshi, Diveagar, and Aravi.

If you want to travel by train from Mumbai, find an express train from Dadar Station to Mangaon, from Mangaon take a cab directly to Shrivardhan. If you prefer traveling by bus, you can catch a bus from the Borivali bus stand that will take you directly to Shrivardhan. There are also numerous buses from Pune to Shrivardhan


If you are planning for a Trip to the Kokan region, do visit Aravi beach for the top activities and beautiful view. Wonder about the stay and searching for a resort near Aravi beach with swimming pool. Must visit Gaurav Lords Resort Shrivardhan. Gaurav lords resort Shrivardhan is located in a prime location where all the major attractions like Shrivardhan Beach, Diveagar Beach, and Harihareshwar Temple make the best choice to visit Kokan. With top-notch amenities, breathtaking mountain views, and budget-friendly prices. Plan your visit to Aravi Beach and explore why it has become a beloved spot for tourists and content creators alike.

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